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Apex Corporate Services

Fund Services

You need capital? Tired of being let down, not able to raise capital? Then go to the place where over $2.35 Trillion Dollars of capital is, where investor are looking for new opportunities, the fund industry. Apex will set up a fund and all of its components for you at a fraction of the cost.Learn More

Raising Capital

Apex has been instrumental in providing over $400M in capital commitments and can structure a capital plan for your company. Apex can also supply you with traditional commercial financing and hard money loans for you commercial project.Learn More

PR & IR Services

Press Release coverage for targeting demographics in your specific industry using all major news wires as well as provide Investment Relations service with a database of thousands of investors that could have an interest in your company…

Mergers & Acquisitions

Company growth can occur in two ways, organically and thru merging with and acquiring other companies. Apex has all of the skills, tools, programs, I.T. field teams and knowledge to facilitate your M&A model. Apex can put together an efficient model and help raise capital to facilitate your M&A growth. Learn More

Corporate Growth

Apex Corporate Consultancy is an organization dedicated to help businesses grow and prosper. We can help increase your profits through a series of interventions using proven techniques such as improves the quality of your products and services, identify problems and find cost effective manageable solutions… Learn More

Company Growth Models

If you can’t seem to get a handle on cash flows, expansion, growth or your company needs a turn around then Apex can help.Learn More


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