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REO Logistics
Management, Diligence, Support, Growth
Portfolio Origination
REO Logistics specializes in real property and notes secured by real property providing expertise in Portfolio Origination, Portfolio Management, , Origination & Exit Strategies, Risk Scoring, Diligence Reviews, Back Office Support, One-Off & Portfolio Trades, Statistics, Trends, Strategies, Business Models, Capital Raises & Commercial Debt Restructuring.

Portfolio Origination: REO Logistics will build a portfolio of real property or notes, residential and commercial to your specifications.

Portfolio Management: REO Logistics can manage your portfolio including adding or exiting assets to fit your requirements.

Origination & Exit Strategies: REO Logistics can build a custom strategy platform that you can execute.

Risk Scoring: REO Logistics will analyze your current portfolio, one you want to acquire or trade out, either real property or notes so you know the risk level before moving to the next step.

Diligence Reviews: REO Logistics will review the notes or real property you are considering acquiring and deliver exhaustive diligence information that would be extremely relevant to your acquisition.

Back Office Support: REO Logistics is a third party arms-length "Back Office" support system taking care of projects that are integral to your success.

One-Offs & Portfolio Trades: REO Logistics will locate or help you exit real property or notes. We will do everything for you in the trade A-Z or components of the trade.

Statistics & Trends: REO Logistics supplies exhaustive statistics so that you can make a more informed decision with your business models.

Business Models: REO Logistics can write custom "Tear Sheets", Executive Summaries and complete Business Plans for your company so you can advance thru the next steps.

Capital Raises: REO Logistics can help you with raising capital for your projects.

Commercial Debt Restructuring: REO Logistics can assist you in refinancing or restructuring your commercial debt. You may need a write down negotiated or a straight refinance, we can help you from an SBA504 loan to private investors to hard equity lending.

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